If you are traveling in a van or a 50 passenger bus then you are missing out

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Premier-Eisenhower Interior Photographs

Are you prepared for the size of the park?

In  general, the National Parks in America are comprised of narrow, rural roads that take visitors into remote areas that are preserved.  The National Park Service works tirelessly to keep the wildlife and landscape of the park as natural as possible.  In Yellowstone National Park for example, the Grand Loop is a 142 mile figure eight that is two lane, 35 mile an hour road with intimate views of the flora and fauna.  In just an instant a North American Bison can wander onto the road for a leisure stroll down the Grand Loop while traffic backs up for miles.  Depending on the time of the day, visitors can be pressed for time to get to restaurant reservations that had to be  reserved 3 months in advance.

Premier-Eisenhower Interior Photographs

Are comfortable seating and bathrooms important to you?

This is a reality that our guests deal with every day on a tour.  The Limo Liner offers guests a relaxed journey with wonderful views from either side of the motor coach.  Guests are able to walk about the Limo Liner to get good visibility out of both sides of the bus.  The leather couches offer comfort for the ride and the heating and air, which is adjustable in different parts of the coach, make the experience complete.  Our Hospitality Chef keeps each guest nourished and hydrated with fresh treats, appetizers and refreshments including wine, beer, coffee, tea, water, soft drinks,  and various juices.  Keeping the blood sugar level managed for each guest makes for a much more pleasant ride and a relaxed temperament when traffic jams become a reality.  Buffalo jams can really create long delays and it’s in times like this (which is often in Yellowstone) that visitors are so thankful they chose to travel on the Limo Liner.  A comfortable flushing commode gives guests the opportunity to utilize the restroom throughout the day including in-transit.

Do you like to keep your electronic devices charged?

Charging stations for camera, phone, and other electronic devices are in abundance in the Limo Liner and keeps guests completely prepared while far from the comforts of the hotel.  In addition to the multiple ports for charging, the Limo Liner also has in-transit Wi-Fi, and multiple forms of entertainment including in-motion television that can be utilized if there is an important news event.

Ike PS 1Traveling in a small group makes your experience more intimate and exclusive.

The Limo Liner seats 20 people very comfortably.  In addition, there are 2 guides and a driver focused on your safety and comfort.  Once you’ve traveled on a small airport type bus, a 15 passenger van, or a crowded 50 passenger bus, you will value the Limo Liner experience even more.  We believe your vacation should be relaxed and paced for everyone.  The Limo Liner offers a retreat environment all day long and makes delays seem like extended vacation time.  You will return from your trip relaxed and refreshed.