3 Reasons to Travel with your Partner

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From honeymoons to spontaneous getaways, travel is a well known way to become closer and more intimate with your partner. According to a survey by Travelocity, over half of respondents currently in a relationship think that a romantic getaway is important to keeping a “spark” in their relationship. In the spirit of love, we are sharing our top 3 reasons why you should travel with your partner.

Experience freedom together

When you travel with your partner, you are unknowingly vowing to have their back during the entire trip. With that, comes a reassurance that you have a partner who cares and is watching over you while you travel. Often, traveling allows people to set aside their negative emotions and egos. This can be a very special time when traveling with your spouse because you can be with them as they are, and in turn, embrace who you truly are. By feeling free and open to new experiences with the person that you are closest to, you feel more comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone. By traveling with your romantic partner, you will feel safe and open to new experiences.


Recharge together

One of the main reasons why people go on a vacation is to get away from their work life and hectic lifestyle. It can be hard to be in a relationship while also working at a hectic job or having a busy routine. Hectic and routines can ruin relationships, and it is absolutely important to get away with your partner to have time to recharge together. Drink a glass of wine in a hot tub, float down a river or watch the sunset, as long as it’s together. Spend time doing whatever may be the most relaxing and romantic activity for you and your partner to discover the laid back side to your relationship. After having a good break from your regular life, you can return back home to your routine feeling recharged and well rested.

Create and share memories

We all know that traveling opens up amazing opportunities to create and share memories. Small group travel is becoming more popular in the travel industry because of the intimacy and relationships that can be built. Happiness is doubled when shared with someone you love. By making each memory together, you will be able to laugh, trying new things, and make decisions resulting in those stories you start by saying “remember when”. Time spent traveling with your partner while traveling can be great practice for couples who may be getting married or moving in together to face situations that they normally wouldn’t on a day-to-day basis. No matter where you decide to travel, the memories that you make with your partner will shape your relationship and be something that you can look back on for the rest of your life.

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