How do you choose to celebrate Earth Day?

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In honor of Earth Day, we asked our followers, “How do you choose to celebrate?”. We compiled their answers in hopes that they will help give you an idea of how you can do your part this Earth Day.

“We plant trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, wildflowers and hanging baskets. It is a total makeover with natural rocks and boulders.” –Cindy K.

“I like to #OptOutside to appreciate my own backyard.” -Ellie S.

“Last year I switched all my paper bills to online invoices.” -Annie K.

”I plant a tree.” –Cynthia C.

“I celebrate Earth day every year by planting something with the kids. I want them to know that we have to give back as much as we take to keep the earth in a healthy balance.” -Daniel K.

“I volunteer to clean up my community.” -Kevin G.

“I stare at the Olympics and wonder if Sasquatch is eating an apple!” –Chaz A.

“I dedicate my day to being in Nature.” -Hannah F.

“I take my kids to enjoy a picnic in the park!” -Cindy R.

“I ride my bike to work- it’s good for the Earth and the gut.” -Jeff A.

“I go on a nice hike, and try to be extra cautious of how much garbage I am using.” -Natalie B.

“I choose to celebrate by simply acknowledging that Earth is a gift and vowing to protect it.” -Luke F.

From large ideas to small, each impact helps build habits that will help reverse our harm to the planet we call home. This week, we ask you to ask yourself, “How can I celebrate Earth Day this year?”

We are grateful to be a part of a community that is passionate about protecting and preserving the world around us. To see the places that we visit and protect, check out our destinations page

Happy Earth Day from us to you! Stay tuned for updates on National Park Week.