August 31st: Experience Park Tours Chairman Resigns

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On August 31st, our company’s founder, chairman, and mentor stepped down from his position as Chairman at Experience Park Tours. His position at Experience Park Tours involved overseeing the management and decision making of the team of staff.

On December 9th, Frank Smith resigned as an active employee to pursue other avenues outside of the travel industry after having played a key role in building Experience Park Tours for over 12 years.

Over the past 6 months, Frank has begun fully transitioning out of Experience Park Tours by replacing his role with a team of young and ambitious professionals who are driven to connect our value for travel and the National Parks with our guests and their need. These individuals now make up what is Experience Park Tours – crafting this company to show the public our National Parks, and the world of tourism A Better Way of Travel.

“While serving as a Chairman, I have seen much growth in the company and I am truly satisfied with the progress they have made,” said Smith.

We would like to thank Frank for pioneering the pathway for Experience Park Tours. He has continuously raised the industry standard in tourism by developing a unique, personable and honorable business model.

On behalf of all who are involved in Experience Park Tours, we would like to thank Frank Smith for his dedication and contagious pride he has woven through the mission of this company. We would also like to acknowledge those who have continuously supported his dream of creating Experience Park Tours.

“I look forward to watching the company continue to progress in the years to come,” states Smith in his resignation letter to the company.

We are thankful for the memories we have shared with all past, present and future travelers. We are eager to continue to develop this company and provide our guests with one of a kind adventures through our National Parks.


The Team at Experience Park Tours

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