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Some places can brand your soul. A memory can become a piece of your identity.

Lake Powell is one of those places for visitors from near and far. If you’ve never been to the Southwest, others who have will tell you that it has a beauty all its own. They might talk about the incredible red-rock formations, the golden desert-dirt, and the quaint cowboy towns. Utah is one of these described Southwest states and straddling the very bottom of it, and the tip-top of Arizona is Lake Powell.

It is amazing to see how the state morphs from the mountainous and rural country-land of Salt Lake City to sagebrush, sandstone, and the variations of burnt sienna. Utah is truly a mesmerizing place. When visitors finally reach the entrance docks, the display before them is simply grandiose. All one can see from their feet to the horizon is sapphire blue water that expands and snakes around sandy gigantic rock. The water is clean, deep, and you can feel its power. The cliff walls tower above you, and the red-orange veins stream through every formation, sometimes running down the sides like rust in a sink. Although Powell is a man-made lake, you are made fully aware of the ability nature has, even over human influence.

So much fun can be had out at Powell- visiting Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon are just a few to list. When the evening hits, many visitors can enjoy a glass of wine near the Limo Liner, or climb atop a large rock that promises a great view of the sunset.

When the sun disappears behind the horizon, leaving behind bursts of oranges and vibrant sweeps of pinks and pastel purples, that is a moment that can brand you. At that moment, there is a soft silence in the air and an unparalleled landscape.

Sometimes a place of beauty can significantly change us and remind us how lucky we are to feel the magic in this world.

At Experience Park Tours, we want you to feel this same magic that the Southwest has to offer. Sign up for our Dreamscapes of the American Southwest tour today, where Lake Powell is a staple on the Itinerary.

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