Cruises vs Land Cruises: Why we choose land and you should too

Madison Lucas Experience Park Tours

When most people think of group travel, they imagine a packed bus full of picture-taking tourists, or of a traditional cruise ship where the decks are too crowded and the rooms are too cramped. Modern travel trends have tried something new by taking all that is sought after in a traditional cruise and subtracting the water- creating a land cruise. At Experience Park Tours, we prefer land cruises because guests are able to experience the group travel atmosphere and organization without feeling like just another passenger.

So, what is a land cruise?

A land cruise is a very intimate way of visiting a region with a smaller group of people on wheels. Like a typical cruise on water, groups are able to stop at different incredible destinations while relaxing and savoring the food, drinks and remarkable scenes around them. You can take a short land cruise in a simple Jeep with two people, or experience an entire vacation while staying at high class resorts on a luxury Limo Liner with a small group.

What Land Cruises Offer vs Traditional Cruises

Experience local treasures

Would you rather cover more ground and “sample” different areas, or fully engulf yourself in the local activities, restaurants, and resorts that make that area special? Traditional ocean cruises tend to have plenty of activities available for you to choose from, but land cruises choose the best activities for the whole group to take part in if they wish. It all depends on whether you would prefer making memories with strangers, or those you already know or are choosing to travel with. By choosing a land tour like ours, you are choosing to travel with personal guides that are only focused on your group, and choosing to visit unforgettable destinations and restaurants that are loved by locals. Our personal guides will handle finding the details and treasures in each area for you. We are experts in regions we travel, knowing  the best and most private places to stop and explore. Let us do all the work, so you don’t have to.

Have a personal, small group experience

According to a survey by CruiseMapper, the average cruise ship passenger capacity is around 3,000 guests. If a whale is breaching nearby, only a small fraction of the passengers will get to marvel at its beauty. Nothing is worse than visiting a destination with thousands of tourists that you don’t know, only to miss the beauty you have paid to see. We have noticed that by having less than 20 people in a group, we are able to create the freedom for guests to fully experience the grandiose opportunities and allow special moments to happen. We take pride in the fact that after each of our tours, our guests walk off of the Limo Liner with what has become a new a group of friends.

Encounter new experiences every day without spending an extra dime

Instead of waking up in the same room on the same boat, choose a land tour where you are able to visit all sorts of 4 and 5 star lodges and resorts, restaurants, spas and activities that are included in your all-inclusive price. Traditional water cruises can be very spendy, especially with all of the gift shops and scattered activities that you are forced to organize and pay for when you have “free time”. By choosing a land tour with us, you can opt in or out of any of our explorations during each day with no surprise charges. There is no need to wait in lines for concession stand foods and public restrooms on a land cruise, we have got you covered! We even give you a loaded FlexPass gift card to use as you please for any purchases or any extra meals outside of our unlimited food and beverage options. Leave your back-up cash at home, and know that you will be full, happy, and only focused on making memories.

At Experience Park Tours, we are passionate about treating our guests like the individuals that they are, and doing everything we can to make it a more personal experience. Take a look at our destinations here, and give us a call for more information. We would love to talk with you about how our tours are “A Better Way of Travel”.