Dare To Compare

Have You Considered Why You May Need “A Better Way To Travel?”

After years of providing successful tours throughout the United States the Experience Park Tours Team has  learned through trial and error the critical elements that are necessary for you to maximize your time and get the full value of your tour.

  • Creating a comfortable travel environment while in transit
  • Managing guests blood sugar level through timely snacks and meals
  • Offering information and detail that only comes from local expert insight
  • Give each and every traveler mental freedom so they can relax and absorb the wonders of National Parks.
  • And most importantly, create a flexible itinerary where each individual can experience the park based on their interests and activity level.

In order to effectively execute the above objectives, our experience has taught that the details below are necessary for us to exceed your expectations, which is our primary goal at Experience Park Tours.

Ratio of Guides to Passenger

  • Experience Park Tours takes customer attention and satisfaction very seriously. Here is our standard for passenger to guide ratio:
    • 1 Driver: The driver’s only job is to focus on safe transport of our guests and to maintain the Limo Liner to the highest standard.
    • 1 Senior Tour Guide: Interpreting the human history, fauna, and flora and wildlife behaviors of our tours is the primary responsibility of the Senior Tour Guide.  Guides are chosen carefully based on experience, level of education and ability to communicate effectively with our guests.
    • 1 Hospitality Guide:  It’s important to have someone looking after your every need while on the tour.  Having someone who clearly understands everything about your expectations and keeps their focus on your complete satisfaction is the single biggest priority of our Hospitality Guide.
    • 1 Personal Chef: We believe that food is a critical part of your vacation experience.  Because our tours navigate deep into remote regions, it is necessary to have flexibility when it’s time to eat.   Having a chef that travels with the group enables us to spend more quality time viewing animals and the landscape while also experiencing amazing gourmet food made to order.


  • Privacy for small groups of 8 who would value their own private section during transit. You can also secure the whole bus for your family or group for 16 to 20 passengers.
  • Accommodates interaction and easy in-transit one-on-one communication with your guide as he navigates the Limo Liner to answer individual questions.

Flexibility and Freedom

  • Creatively crafted itinerary to suit the needs of leisure, active travelers and every generation in your family from infants, youth, adult and seniors alike.
  • Each guest receives a Flex Pass which is a pre-paid Visa Card loaded with money for meals so that each guest can order off the menu, eat when they choose, and pick the dining experience of their liking when those options are available.
  • 100% all-inclusive. All-meals, snacks, drinks, attractions on itinerary, hotel, portage of luggage, transportation on Limo Liner, airport transfers, personal chef and guide service.

Eliminating Frustration

  • There are no waiting in long lines (which is the standard in National Parks) for bathrooms.
  • Parking in congested parking lots can delay travelers for long periods of time. If you are traveling by van, you have to wait, but they have specifically reserved spaces at the front of each attraction for motor coaches to deliver and pick up.
  • When traveling during peak season, traffic, and bison jams (when bison herds clog traffic for an hour while they take their sweet time crossing the road) create unavoidable delays. Traveling in the comfort of the Limo Liner with drinks, space to get up and move around, and snacks keep you relaxed.
  • Hotels that are strategically located and high in quality.

In Transit Comfort

  • The Limo Liner was specifically designed for creating an environment of relaxation and comfort. Every inch of the 45 foot motor coach was designed thoughtfully to enhance your experience by carefully managing the temperature, your ability to stretch, use of the commode, and flexibility of schedule.
  • We carefully stock the motor coach with water, coffee, tea, soft drinks, juice, wine and beer to accommodate everyone’s preference. Your brand and requests are our highest priority, and we do all we can to ensure that the Limo Liner is fully stocked for your entire tour.
  • The Limo Liner has in-transit Wi-Fi and charging stations throughout the coach to keep your electronic devices ready for action.
  • Two large suitcases and a carry-on are accepted.
  • Privacy and comfort to change after rafting, hiking or riding horses.
  • Full galley including refrigerator, microwave, and sink, hot water and ample storage.


  • Guides who have been serving the National Parks for 25 plus years and know every detail of the human history, fauna, flora, wildlife behaviors and the safest way to engage wildlife for viewing and photography. Most of our guides are published authors and world renowned nature and wildlife photographers.
  • If you are traveling for the purpose of photography, you will not find better guides in these regions who can help you get the shot you are looking for. They understand the light, the animal tendencies and how to get you in a safe position to get the pictures you are looking for.


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