A Glimpse Into The Majestic Landscapes of Mount Rainier National Park

Discover the legendary wildlife and scenery of the Pacific Northwest on this all-inclusive day-long adventure through Mount Rainier National Park. Explore key regions such as Sunrise, Nisqually, Ohanapecosh, Paradise and Longmire along side your expert guides and personal chef. The lush valleys, meadows of vibrant wildflowers, glaciers, elusive wildlife and the mountain await you on this Glimpse of the Majestic Landscapes of Mount Rainier.

  • Day Trips Start: July 6 – Aug 24th, 2018
  • Departure Time: 8 am
  • Arrival Time: 8 pm
  • Pick-up and Drop-off location: Washington State Convention Center
  • Washington State Convention Center Pickup info: We will be picking guests up in the back of the Convention Center.
  • ( Tours for Ages 12+ )

Address: 800 Convention Pl. Seattle, WA 98101

We will depart from the Washington State Convention Center at 8am. Parking can be found in one of the two WSCC operated parking garages: WSCC Main Garage (on 8th Avenue, between Pike & Seneca Streets) or Freeway Park Garage (on Hubbell Place, between Pike & Seneca Streets).

Parking for either of these garages will range between $17 and $19 for 8-12 hours.

The Limo Liner will be located along the Motor Coach loading zone (found on Convention Place and 8th Avenue in front of the ACT Theater and convention center entrance). You will find your driver and guide outside of the Limo Liner, ready to receive your vouchers. Guests may board the Limo Liner up to 15 minutes before departure.

As we depart, your guide will go over introductions, the route for the day and answer any questions you may have.

We will return back to the Washington State Convention Center by 8pm.

If you have questions regarding departure and arrival details for your trip, please feel free to contact our Senior Tour Specialist, Ellie Smith at ellie@experienceparktours.com.



  • Seattle Convention Center at 8am. (Breakfast and snacks available)
  • White River Entrance
  • Sunrise Visitor Center (Lunch provided by our chef)
  • Grove of the Patriarchs
  • Cougar Falls
  • Stevens Canyon
  • Louise Lake
  • Box Canyon
  • Cowlitz River
  • Reflection Lakes
  • Paradise Inn
  • Henry M Jackson Memorial Visitor Center
  • Narada, Carter and Christine Falls
  •  Cougar Rock (Wine tasting and appetizers at Sunset)

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Jul 06 2018 - Jul 11 2018



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Mt. Rainier National Park
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