A World Of Wine In 40 Miles

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Nowhere else exists a place as visually stunning, full of outdoor adventure, wildlife and wildflowers, and with vineyards and eclectic boutique wineries throughout its many diverse micro-climates. The Columbia Gorge has it all.

The land, the people and the lifestyle define wine making here. The area is enriched with a strong sense of adventure and taking the “road less traveled.” The winemakers here are iconoclasts and trailblazers, making extraordinary artisan wines in a place of incredible wild beauty. With access to over 30 different premium grape varietals grown within this 40 mile stretch, the wine lover’s palate never grows weary.

The land is defined by the Columbia River as it cuts through the Cascade Mountain Range and makes its journey to the Pacific Ocean. The short, dramatic transition in landscape and climates from hot, dry desert in the East to the foothills of the Cascades, with its cool moisture from the ocean in the West, is what makes this area so unique. From west to east: losing an inch of rain a mile and gaining a whole lot of sun, it’s an amazing combination of climate, soil and geology.

Although most wine regions don’t cross state lines, the Columbia Gorge Wine Region is unique in that it’s comprised of a tight group of winemakers and growers on both shores of the river in Oregon and Washington, bonded by their passion for the craft and commitment to the land.

The Columbia Gorge thrives on an outstanding wealth of activities. Shop in the locally owned stores of our quaint towns, peruse locally grown fruit & produce from our many farmer’s markets, raft free-flowing rivers, watch the windsurfers on the Columbia (or take a lesson), visit artists in their studios, walk gentle paved trails or summit Mt Adams. Whatever your choice, in the Gorge there is something for every person of any age.