Experience Park Tours Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make special room requests?

Experience Park Tours is happy to advise hotels of any special room requests or requirements, provided we receive them at the time your reservation is made. Please be aware that requests cannot be guaranteed.

Can Experience Park Tours book rooms before and after my adventure?

Your lodging is secured for your first and last night of your tour.  Experience Park Tours is happy to assist you in booking a pre or post tour night stay at the hotel we are staying at based on availability.  If you would like to choose an alternative hotel, we can make suggestions, but it will be the traveler’s responsibility to handle the booking.

Does Experience Park Tours work with Travel Agents?

Experience Park Tours is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents and we highly value working with travel professionals.  Please let us know at the time of booking if you have an Agent you are working with.

How far in advance should I make my reservation?

It is highly recommended that you book as soon as you can.  We have limited departure dates for each individual National Park.  If you want a private section on the Limo Liner, the timing of your booking is even more critical.

What hours can I contact a Tour Specialist at Experience Park Tours to discuss my tour?

For reservations, call 877-834-4654 or contact your travel agent to book today! 

Reservation Sales Center hours – Pacific Standard Time Zone

Monday – Friday:  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday:  Voicemail access only
Sunday:  Voicemail access only

What forms of payment does Experience Park Tours accept?

Experience Park Tours accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and check payments.

When is final payment due for my adventure?

All Experience Park Tours final payments are due 100 days prior to departure.

 Will I have to make payment at the time I make a reservation?

A deposit is required in order to hold a reservation for an Experience Park Tours adventure. A $1,500.00 per person deposit must be made for our 7 day, 6 night tours and must be received at the time of your booking, or received at our office within 10 days of your booking date. 
$500.00 of this deposit is non-refundable.

Will I receive documentation when I book an Experience Park Tours adventure?

Once you booking have been confirmed, you will receive a booking summary, a receipt, suggestions on trip interruption insurance, and an expectations document for next steps.  This communication will come in the form of an email and will be sent immediately after booking is confirmed.  You will then receive an email 100 days prior to departure with additional information requests that focus on your experience on the tour such as dietary, activity level and traveling style.

How many meals will the Chef prepare while on our adventure?

We strategically plan our meals with our Chef to conform to the demands of the schedule.  The Chef is intended to not only provide amazing food, but to also save each traveler time so that they can maximize their experience in the National Parks.   In addition to planned meals with our Chef, you will also have the opportunity to taste the local fare by utilizing your Flex Pass when the Chef is not cooking.  In-transit appetizers, treats, and drinks will be available all day during your tour and is included in your all-inclusive price.

Will I have individual time with the Senior Tour Specialist to ask questions?

We have three guides and a driver on each tour.  The Senior Tour Specialist is completely free of distraction to focus specifically on your needs.  The flora, fauna and human history are all important to communicate as well as hearing the stories of the region that only local insight can offer.

Is every Experience Park Tours a Photography Tour, and if so, why should I be excited to choose this tour?

All of our Senior Guides at Experience Park Tours are longtime landscape and wildlife photographers.  They each have a decorated history of capturing our National Parks behind the lens.  Some are published and others have their work celebrated in galleries all across America.  We believe that a photographer has a unique perspective on the region they are guiding, and choosing guides who can clearly communicate that value to our guests in a caring and thoughtful way is key in our selection process.

What if photography is not as important to me?

Our small groups are filled with multiple levels of interest when it comes to taking pictures.  We create a very malleable experience so that those that want to maximize the light and time in the field behind the lens are able to do so.  For those who value a relaxed pace of travel and don’t put a value on the photography piece are not in any way left out.  This is why we have multiple guides on each tour.  Some may venture with the photography guide while others may stay close to the Limo Liner.  Still others may choose to spend more time independently.  It is your vacation, and we create an itinerary to accommodate your individual needs.

Is alcohol included and served on the Limo Liner? 

Yes alcohol is made available to those who want to drink responsibly.  Experience Park Tours is highly sensitive to how guests consume alcohol and this is monitored very closely.  Alcohol served on the Limo Liner is included in your all-inclusive price as are all refreshments made available while on your tour.

What is the activity level of the tour?

We have all ages and all levels of activity on our tours.  We have strategically crafted each tour so that the most active and even the most leisure travelers can get the most value for their vacation.  Your pre-tour traveler profile form will help us understand how to best meet your needs while on the tour.  This flexibility has created countless opportunities for our guests to travel with multiple generations in their families.


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