How We Dine Differently

Madison Lucas Experience Park Tours

Raising the industry standard

At Experience Park Tours, we look at food as the common ground that unites fellow travelers. We like to enhance the travel experience with fresh farm-to-table meals sourced from the regions where we’re traveling. We aim to make every moment unforgettable, and that shapes the way that we offer meals to our guests. We choose to use an on-board hospitality chef that is only focused on creating edible art for our guests. By doing this, we are able to focus on the activities and views around us, allowing us to maximize every moment. Our chef creates sensational meals from fresh-sourced, wholesome ingredients. Each bite keeping guests satisfied for the in-betweens of each jaw-dropping venture. We also provide unlimited drinks, and don’t limit and don’t impose a one glass of wine rule for responsible passengers.

Some meals are made and served right in the Parks or overlooking beautiful vistas to take full advantage of our surroundings an avoid the forced pile up at a typical restaurant. By crafting the meals at your destination, we allows guests to spend more time enjoying the nature and wildlife and less time traveling for lesser options. Our guests dine on specially offered and prepared meals that are handcrafted by our professional chef, or at hand picked, iconic restaurants that highlight local favorites and flavors. Are you looking to have a private meal? We even provide a flex pass that covers an on-your-own meals a guest chooses to experience.

What is “all-inclusive”?

As our other blog posts have mentioned, all-inclusive is often a blurry term. We think that in order to be all-inclusive, our guests could be able to not bring extra spending money if they chose, and realistically, be able to experience all the same activities and culinary offerings as anyone else. To us, all-inclusive means having 18 flexible, gourmet meals including:

6 Breakfasts
6 Lunches
6 Dinners
Unlimited snacks
Refreshments of your choice

Personal Chef

Unlike other tour operators, we allow opportunities for our guests to also have valued alone time. Included in your all-inclusive price, the FlexPass is loaded with extra money to allow each guest to have a spontaneous experience. Use your Flex Pass at gift shops, restaurants and bars, or anything else that may be considered a superfluous purchase on your tour. If you end up not spending everything on your FlexPass, you are free to keep any remaining balance! The FlexPass will remain activated for 6 months after the finish of your trip.

We want to infuse the expertise of our private chef with the quality and character of the area that we are visiting. Each region that we highlight in our tours is chosen because we have researched the history, charm, and opportunity that it presents. Experience Park Tours dines by viewing food as an opportunity for share the delectable bounty that represents culture. We maximize every moment because we view food as sharing an experience in itself.

Check out our “Raising the Industry Standard” page to learn more about the FlexPass, and how we provide the most unique, all-inclusive dining options.