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When it comes to the way we travel, there has always been a very personal element to how we interact with our guests- a large part of that is attributed to the multi-generational groups that tour with us.

At Experience Park Tours, we have an internal joke of calling our Limo Liner “Noah’s Ark” because mainly coupled groups are who tend to book our tours. But, we’ve also had the pleasure of showcasing our National Parks to larger groups: families, friends, colleagues- groups made up of every age.

“Families provide a unique, familiar dynamic that allows us to connect with each traveler. Almost as if we’re a part of the family!” said Ellie Smith, our Senior Tour Specialist.

We welcome family vacations, reunions, and celebrations of all kinds on our tours. In June of 2018, we took a private family of 8 on our Yellowstone and Grand Tetons tour.

“The month of June is by far one of my favorite times to travel in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks due to the vast amount of new life that Spring season has brought to the region. Amongst the blossoming alpine wildflowers,  the lush green valleys were the perfect locations to view newly born bison calves, pronghorn, and bear cubs,” said Ellie.


This family group included a splendid pair of grandparents in their seventies along with a young family of four with two boys, who were accompanied by their two cousins.  During the tour, the group observed all the beautiful life that Yellowstone has to offer and did many activities together as a group including taking a scenic gondola ride to the top of Rendezvous Mountain, which provided a breathtaking perspective of the lush valley below.

Care Comes In All Shapes and Sizes
Part of catering to multigenerational groups is balancing opportunities for activity and making times for relaxation. Before each of our tours, we get to know each guest by sending them a welcome packet where they are asked questions about their travel preferences including information about each person’s dietary restrictions and pace levels. We do this so that we already have a feel for our guests before they even step foot into the Limo Liner, and can organize stops and tiny special details based on their needs that make the trip so special.

“The grandmother of the group (they call her Granny Beads) absolutely loves her Diet Mountain Dew – she drinks it like hipsters drink coffee! It was our mission to make sure she had her daily dose of the Dew. Rumor has it that she glows green at night… I couldn’t help but laugh at that.” said Ellie.

Each Experience is Different
As we are sure to communicate, we craft our itineraries keeping in mind that rest is just as important as the exciting elements of our trips. This often translates to having a late morning departure or an early evening arrival to or from our accommodations.

We prioritize doing our research when it comes to lodging options because we like to leave space in between group activities for parents to get away, kids to run and play, and grandparents to relax in the sauna or while overlooking a scenic area with a hot towel treatment and nothing on their mind.

If you ask one person how their tour was with us, they might describe it as busy, adventurous and exciting, while another person on the same trip might say that it was more relaxing than a tropical vacation. With certain multigenerational groups, we are able to accommodate different activity levels to give each individual their dream vacation.

On this past small group tour, most of the group boarded a shuttle boat on Jenny Lake to hike to Hidden Falls. Meanwhile, grandma and grandpa took a romantic, scenic boat tour around the lake. Later, mom and dad took their two boys on a Snake River whitewater rafting excursion while the cousins and grandparents returned to Spring Creek Ranch for an afternoon of relaxation, overlooking the Grand Teton mountain range. Special options like this give groups the opportunity to also spend alone time with others, and break apart from the group setting if they wish.

We will make it happen
We recommend guided river rafting, fly fishing, horseback riding, kayaking and hiking for ways to spend your downtime when we’re not exploring aboard the Limo Liner.

For those who are looking to truly relax on their National Park vacation, we recommend a simple spa treatment, quiet nature walk, scenic boat trip, gondola ride, or tastings at a local winery, brewery or distillery- all perfect ways unwind in the midst of our favorite regions.


At Experience Park Tours, we love seeing families come together to explore the best National Parks in the country. If you are interested in traveling with a multigenerational group or booking a private section of one of our Limo Liners, talk to our Senior Tour Specialist today by calling (877) 834-4654.


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