When We Play: Balancing Adventure and Leisure

Madison Lucas Experience Park Tours

Raising the industry standard

We believe that leaving room for rest is just as important as making time to play. Whether our tours are a quick vacation, romantic getaway, or a family road trip; your travel experience should reflect a balanced blend of leisure and adventure. Pairing the action-packed elements of our tours with relaxing,  multi-generational opportunities allows each moment to be maximized to the fullest.

Every guest has a custom experience

We know that the way our guests like to travel can also be different than the way they live their day to day lives. Perhaps someone has a busy work life and simply wants to enjoy exceptional scenery while kicking their feet up. Another person may want to pack as much activity into the daylight as possible- and we can make it happen. So when working with our guests, we evaluate and prioritise the different activity levels and preferences of the group to ensure that each traveler receives a premium experience.

Before our guests travel with us, we provide them with a questionnaire so that we can build details around the trip that are specific to their group. This is where guests  are able to opt into and out of certain activities and explain the minor things that we can do to enhance their travel experience.

Yellowstone Winter Photography Tour

Just a few of our activities include

  • Walking and hiking
  • Kayaking and canoeing
  • Boat rides
  • Horseback rides
  • Wine tasting
  • Fishing


We take activity level, timing and the preferences of our guests into consideration while choosing recreational activities that depict the region. From a gentle yet stimulating whale watching boat ride outside the San Juan islands, to soaring through sand dunes in the Southwest on an exhilarating Hummer expedition during sunset, we can provide a wide range of options.

This may be something as small as choosing to hike up to the US monument, or enjoy a cocktail from the spacious Limo Liner while they marvel at its importance. It could be something as different as going fly fishing with half of the group while  the others choose to enjoy a morning kayak outing. From whale watching excursions outside the San Juan islands, to soaring through sand dunes in the Southwest on an exhilarating Hummer expedition during sunset, we can provide a wide range of options for each of our guests.

Yellowstone Winter Photography TourEvery moment has a purpose

An adventure through the National Parks requires a bit of spontaneity. When we stumble upon a wolf in Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley or the perfect southwest sunset after a long day, we find comfort in having the ability to pull the Limo Liner over, and enjoy specially prepared hors d’oeuvres as we take the time to capture those special moments.

We have been exploring and learning about National Parks and the surrounding regions for over 10 years. This has given us the expertise and background knowledge on how to craft the most optimal opportunities for unforgettable experiences. We pay attention to the details, and are intentional with each moment by curating our trip to fit  the environment and timing in which they take place.

At Experience Park Tours, we encourage and challenge our guests to step out of their comfort zones or to kick back if they choose. We will continue to fulfill our promise to create extraordinary possibilities in the National Parks, elevating the expectations of our guests and the travel industry. All we need is you.

What are you waiting for? Be sure to check out Our Philosophy page to read more about how we are raising the standard within the travel industry.