Small group travel: The travel trend that is shaping modern vacations

Madison Lucas Experience Park Tours

What is a small group?
“Small group travel” depends on what tour operator you choose to travel with. Some companies offer “small groups” of more than 40 people, while others offer a more intimate setting with less than 20 people. No matter what size small group that you choose to travel with, you will be experiencing moments with people of different backgrounds, reflections and lifestyles that will each add a new perspective to your trip.

Save money
By paying for your trip upfront while choosing a small group, all inclusive tour operator, you will avoid any small-print costs that might come from choosing to plan a trip yourself, or from choosing to travel in a large group. If your trip includes a personal chef whose only focus is your tastebuds, or includes a bundle of exciting group activities, you wont need to worry about costs while enjoying your vacation.

Experience local knowledge
We believe that the difference between being a traveler and a tourist is the activities that are offered to you. Are you just another number on a ride? Or, are you being personally guided through trails by a Southwestern cowboy on a mule or horse? By traveling with a small group, you are treated like a special guest and are offered intimate, unique activities. When you choose to travel with a small group, you are choosing to more easily access hidden or less-known destinations.

There is safety in (small) numbers
For those who can get nervous while exploring their adventurous side, or while traveling in general- rest assured. The great part about small group travel is that unlike large group travel, the people traveling with you will know your name, where you are from, and what you like and don’t like. They will be able to stay connected with you and help you in any situation that may arise. You will be with a group that has local experts who are passionate about sharing their favorite locations and treasures.

Make new friends
Many people find that after experiencing so many incredible moments with other people part of their group, they form a special bond and connection with those who are also passionate about travel. Every person has diverse and interesting ways of viewing and participating in activities while traveling, and in a small group one can feel at ease to engage in their style, and feel free to share it with the people around them. Don’t be surprised if you find lifelong friends the next time you choose to travel the small group way.

Why travel in small groups?
No matter with whom and how many you travel, you want to enjoy the best experience possible. Traveling in a small group allows for more flexibility and freedom to enjoy your destinations and activities the way you prefer. Smaller groups aren’t beholden to rush to the next resort or attraction to begin the “check-in” process required to handle larger groups. If individuals are traveling with friends and family who have different physical abilities or personal tastes, small groups give the them more power to choose activities that better suit their wants and needs. Small groups allow us to take our time and let the special moments happen naturally!

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