3 Reasons to Travel with your Partner

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From honeymoons to spontaneous getaways, travel is a well known way to become closer and more intimate with your partner. According to a survey by Travelocity, over half of respondents currently in a relationship think that a romantic getaway is important to keeping a “spark” in their relationship. In the spirit of love, we are sharing our top 3 reasons why you should travel with your partner. Experience freedom together When you travel with your …

Cruises vs Land Cruises: Why we choose land and you should too

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When most people think of group travel, they imagine a packed bus full of picture-taking tourists, or of a traditional cruise ship where the decks are too crowded and the rooms are too cramped. Modern travel trends have tried something new by taking all that is sought after in a traditional cruise and subtracting the water- creating a land cruise. At Experience Park Tours, we prefer land cruises because guests are able to experience the …

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Top 5 Quilting Trends of 2017

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New Year, New Quilting Trends! The quilting world is full of timeless traditions carried from generation to generation showing true art and craftsmanship. However, like any existing craft, quilting techniques and trends grow with each coming year. Here are the top five trends from 2017 that have proved to be excellent new additions to quilting traditions. 1. Tribal Prints From bright hues of canary yellow, rust orange, and swamp green, to feathered and textured patterns; …