How to Take Remarkable Landscape Photos on a Photography Tour

Madison Lucas National Parks, Photography

Any landscape photographer knows that it isn’t always easy. To get the best possible shot,  you need to roll up your sleeves and head into the great outdoors. Photography tours are a great way to see different landscapes, unique views and to explore the environment in your photos. Here are 5 tips to capture unforgettable moments that create a sense of escaping reality.

1. Location

Having a beautiful location makes it hard not to take great shots. Driving over the South rim of the Grand Canyon and hiking through the lush and flourishing Hoh Rainforest may be completely different experiences, but can offer the same gorgeous opportunities for the perfect photo. Do you want a modern location or countryside of rolling hills? Is the desert or the crashing waves something that you’re chasing? If you are on a photography tour, choose a route that highlights the natural phenomenons and landscapes that you are interested in pursuing. Go with others who can help you, plan ahead, and allow yourself the flexibility and opportunity to move if you need to.

2. Timing

Timing has to do with the amount of patience that it takes to get the perfect view on a shot. Imagine visiting Yellowstone National Park, and being awake early to catch the perfect lighting and timing where wildlife is extremely active. In an extraordinary environment like Yellowstone, the constant photo opportunities that surround you will keep you on your toes. Make sure that you are scheduling your day around meeting the sunrise, golden hours and sunset. Set up your camera, focus, and wait for the split second of exceptional clashing of light and color that blows you away. In a way, photography is like hunting- you may need to wait a long time for the shot that makes it all worth it.

3. Pack the Tools You Need

Carrying a tripod and other tools is crucial for keeping your camera stable while using a certain shutter speed. Also, you will need to bring your filters, spare batteries and lens-cleaning accessories. All of this equipment can be bulky and heavy, so don’t let it slow you down. When you decide how to travel and experience incredible photography opportunities, consider if you will need to have a safe and secure space to pack away allof your equipment like in our spacious Limo Liners.

4. Work with the Weather

Take chances and work with the circumstances of the weather and seasons. Before breakfast, take a misty morning walk down Semiahmoo Bay to capture remarkable landscape views of the ocean life. Although before going on a photography tour you should always check the weather and plan around the seasons, there can be surprises. To fully prepare for the unexpected, travel with a group where you won’t be married to a schedule. There is nothing like throwing a coat on, slinging your camera over your shoulder and diving into all the possibilities of dramatic weather. Some of the greatest shots are taken by photographers who decided to fully embrace unexpected weather and circumstances.

5. Break the rules

Of course being a skilled photographer includes many good best practices like incorporating filters, balance, and sharpness to perfect an already incredible view. Once you have a good idea of what you’re doing- get creative!Change your angle or get up close and personal. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do something different- it may just lead to the jaw dropping shot that represents a memory that you will never forget.