The Value in Corporate Team Experiences

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In the new wave of technology and its impact on effectiveness in the American workplace, businesses are able to get more objectives accomplished in less time than ever. Although the advanced productivity can be packed into the traditional eight-hour workday, this still naturally impacts how employees feel about their careers and work life. Corporate team experiences are one of the most optimal ways that modern offices are shaking up the workplace and sparking the fire in their employee’s work ethic.

A Better Team Together

Team building should play a foundational role in corporate culture. According to Amaury de Saint Blanquat, a Human Resources expert and headhunter, “One of the reasons team building activities and corporate retreats are met with scrutiny is that some companies believe they lose out on valuable office time. In reality, this time away provides employees with a moment to step back and reevaluate their work. They head back to the office with renewed energy and vigor which transforms into happier and more productive employees.”

By simply being together outside of an office setting and routine, employees subconsciously fine-tune their problem-solving techniques and improve their communication skills. Researchers Mahdi Roghanizad and Vanessa K. Bohns found that one face-to-face conversation is the equivalent to thirty-four emails in the workplace. Employees can spend decades working alongside another and not understand how to most effectively communicate and work with their coworkers, and team experiences can help mend these gaps in communication.

Boosting Company Morale

Most business managers and owners have a dream that each individual in their company will work with the mindset and sense of urgency as if they are also an owner. They dream that if employees put as much emphasis and passion into their part of the bigger picture, the business can run like a machine and accomplish more.
Experiencing other parts of life besides work with coworkers makes employees feel like they are involved in something bigger, and gives them a sense of belonging. This translates to introducing employees to the mentality that their job is something that they should have pride in and pursue relentlessly, no matter how they fit into the equation- because realistically, every employee and position adds a different element of value to a business.

Perception of the Office Space

It is easy to get into a funk at work, and we have all been there. Another reason why office getaways are so valuable is that it can simply change each employees perception on the office space and coworkers that they interact with on a daily basis. Getting away from the daily 9-to-5 can help employees come back to the office feeling energized and ready to work. It also can help with balancing work and life, which can promote and stabilize other relationships and responsibilities that might distract an employee.

Instead of going home feeling stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated at the end of each day and returning to work feeling exhausted and unmotivated, employees will feel a sense of urgency in their position and go home feeling driven, and like they are helping the business in a whole.

Team Experiences Are Investments in Workforce Relationships

Lastly, deciding to invest in an office excursion or team building getaway is deciding to invest in not only your employees but your business, ultimately increasing profitability. Having proactive initiatives to give employees the time and rest that they need to be successful comes back around in the workplace, plus, corporate leaders can rest easy at the end of each day knowing that their employees are encouraged, inspired and fueled by passion.

“ Team experiences give the opportunity to learn about co-workers and ourselves. We spend more time together generating a greater opportunity for growth in friendship, empathy and emotional intelligence.
We spend more time together, we learn a little more about each other, we care a little more about each other, we have a little more compassion for each other; improving our relationships and lives.” -Stuart Butler, NW Event Show

Company excursions do not have to be an overpriced, mediocre round of golf or a picnic in the park paired with tacky team building exercises. When choosing an office getaway, think about how you can create opportunities for your employees to connect in meaningful ways to be more strategic about initiatives moving forward. The way to optimize the impact of office getaways is to create memories from your excursion and have it be something that your employees can look back on and appreciate for years to come.

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