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Top 5 Quilting Trends of 2017

Madison Lucas Quilting

New Year, New Quilting Trends!

The quilting world is full of timeless traditions carried from generation to generation showing true art and craftsmanship. However, like any existing craft, quilting techniques and trends grow with each coming year. Here are the top five trends from 2017 that have proved to be excellent new additions to quilting traditions.

1. Tribal Prints

From bright hues of canary yellow, rust orange, and swamp green, to feathered and textured patterns; Tribal prints are edgy, colorful and elegant. Naturally, 2017 featured many of these aztec themed beautiful pieces. As quilting is composed of sharp edges, blocks and triangles, tribal themes are both a feasible and a clean cut choice for a quilt.

2. Blue

Blue is a brilliant, accurate color to represent the fun and eccentric year behind us. The use of various blue shades is a cool, rich addition to a traditional neutral background on any quilt. If you travel to visit quilt festivals such as the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show on our quilting tour, you will see that blue was truly the color of the year! The electric color pulls visitors in and entices them to marvel at all the incredibly beautiful quilts.

3. Hand Work

Hand work can be considered “old school”, but is a delicate and cultured way to put a personal touch on quilting. Last year, hand stitching was a skill frequently used to simply shake up one’s usual quilting best practices to better incorporate detail. Mixing hand sewn elements in with machine stitching creates a gorgeous mix of texture and personality. For a pro tip, use your machine for general stitching, and then create elaborate and intricate details by adding hand-stitched embroidery to bigger projects.

4. Animal Quilts

Quilting animals are a fun way to mix modern and timeless trends. Creating a unique animal face or animal figure can create an exciting quilt that makes a perfect gift for people of all ages. A quilt that features an animal can be cute, powerful or emotional! As 2017 was such a momentous year, it is no surprise quilters last year chose animals as a way to express their craft! This year, try incorporating an animal into your own quilt in order to capture the essence of emotion, strength, or excitement that the animal represents.

5. Quilting with Voice

2017 was an iconic year. People voiced opinions and stood up for social movements. This created a recent trend to involve words or short sentences into the artwork of quilts. When you quilt words that represent something meaningful to you, try to choose words with power and relevance. The least amount of words on a quilt the easier it will be to create, so look back at the last year and choose wisely!