Where We Rest: Lodging

Madison Lucas Experience Park Tours

Raising the industry standard

With Experience Park Tours, every guest’s experience is characterized by the way they like to travel. Whether you’re an active early riser or a professional lounger, we invite you to choose how you vacation. We do this by providing mornings, afternoons and evenings that allow the flexibility to explore the region independently. Enjoy a private, sit-down meal with your travel partner using our Flex Pass, sneak off to the city for a drink at a unique bar, or embark on a guide excursion on horseback. In the end, we’re all going to the same place, but how you get there is up to you.

What does lodging with Experience Park Tours look like?

Our tours provide a wide range of lodging, including 5-star resorts, rustic ranches, ocean-view cabins, historical hotels, quaint lakeside lodges nestled in the mountains, and even canvas-style glamping depending on several factors. We do this to highlight the unique characteristics of the region while maintaining our premium lodging standards.

When selecting lodging, we consider the following:

Noise level

We value lodging that presents a calm environment, and we won’t settle for less.  While the well-known historical lodges found in the parks boast beautiful architecture and are conveniently located to nearby attractions, they often come with squeaky floors and thin walls. Having to listen to the murmur of a neighboring conversation or the pounding of footsteps down the hall aren’t exactly a recipe for relaxation. When selecting the lodging for our trips, we consider these factors to ensure a peaceful sleep for our guests.

Room quality

The condition of each room and the lodge in itself are other key factors that we consider before selecting our lodging. How comfortable are the beds? Is there air conditioning? Do the windows capture views of the landscape or views of a parking lot? Within the rooms we stay at, we want to  showcase the spirit, history and culture of the area that we are visiting. We aim to curate our standard of premium lodging options to maximize your relaxation and overall enjoyment.

Dining options

The quality of dining on your vacation is just as important as the quality of rest. To create a flexible atmosphere, we choose destinations that are  close to town where you can find local treasures and experience on your own, or resorts that have multiple dining options to choose from.

Accessibility to hiking trails and other activities

The quality of your experience should never be compromised based on your activity level, so that is why we choose our lodging with the ratio of comfort-to-activity in mind. Take in the surrounding scenery or go on a guided exploration – all from the same lodge; because where there is a place to rest for one traveler, there is a place to go for another. The experience never stops when you travel with Experience Park Tours.

Location to the park

Not only do we take time to explore our National Parks, we use lodging that reflects the surrounding culture of the region. Lodges and hotels that support local artists and farmers are high on our list of hidden treasures. At Experience Park Tours, we have found that these lodges often lie on the outskirts of the park we are visiting. During our drive into the park, the Limo Liner assists by providing comfortable and luxurious transportation, making the short drive worthwhile.

To us, lodging is not simply where we rest; it’s where we recharge, relax and “come home”, creating a whole experience in itself. We strive to give you the best comfort and quality through premium lodging by paying attention to the details. Check out Our Philosophy page to learn more about how we are raising the industry standard.