Where we visit: Featuring Icicle Brewing Company

Madison Lucas Experience Park Tours, Wine

The town of Leavenworth has plenty of charming, one-of-a-kind stops that serve ice-cold beer, but one pub that we make sure that our guests do not miss is Icicle Brewing Company. Experience Park Tours has over 10 years of experience in bringing guests to the most premier breweries and wineries in each region that we visit, and we make sure that Icicle Brewing Co. is on the list because it is an iconic piece of Leavenworth- a must-see destination for our guests.

Just like every business in Leavenworth, Icicle stays true to the famous Bavarian theme but also embodies a modern cabin vibe. It is an environment that easily appeals to any guest that chooses to travel with us. The brewery is open year-round but is most popular during the summer and holiday seasons.


In the summertime, there are fairytale worthy vines that climb the sides of the building, pops of color from the multiple hanging flower-pots, and large umbrellas on the patio that provide cool shade. This creates the perfect setting for our guests to hop off of the Limo Liner, kick back, and enjoy the outdoor seating. Our guests can enjoy an artisan plate and a cool drink while they enjoy the sun and company, and watch the town come alive with families, dogs, and folks of all ages intertwining in and out of the surrounding shops.


Although there are few things more satisfying than a chilled beer in the heat of summer, it is definitely worth making a trip to Icicle in during the wintertime, specifically, around Christmas. During the holidays, the brewery is adorned with classic Leavenworth twinkling lights, garland ornate with poinsettias, traditional wreaths, and is filled with lively music. There is plenty of inside seating, but sitting out on the patio is still a possibility during the cold seasons because of the lavish fire pits and standing heaters at every patio table, so you can still take in the gorgeous view of the Wenatchee mountains while enjoying an award-winning Dark Persuasion ale.

We make sure to build trips around these key times, in order to fully be able to experience the heartbeat and life that Leavenworth is known for. A classic Bootjack IPA, anyone?

Icicle Brewing Co. has plenty of other perks for their beer lovers! Perks include a tasting room where you can try beers like their Colchuck Raspberry Wheat, or their Crosscut Pilsner, and top-of-the-line Icicle merchandise such as beer glasses, trucker caps, and stainless-steel water bottles so that you can take a little bit of your Icicle experience home with you.  

No matter what time of the year it is, Icicle Brewing Co. has something remarkable to offer anyone who stops at their little corner of Front Street and walks through their doors!

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