Why We Recommend Purchasing Travel Insurance

Madison Lucas Experience Park Tours

We have all wondered- should I take the chance and not purchase travel insurance, or should I open my wallet and take the plunge? Well, here at Experience Park Tours, we always recommend that guests purchase travel insurance when booking a trip because as they say, It is better to be safe, than sorry.

Often, tour operators require guests to purchase travel insurance because they know how important it is. However, we have decided to allow our guests the flexibility to choose whether or not they would prefer to use travel insurance, yet, we always recommend that they do. From major natural disasters to minor belonging coverage in case you misplace your wallet, a small investment in insurance now could mean saving a world of stress down the road (pun intended).

Here are three major reasons why you should consider purchasing travel insurance before your trip-

You may need to cancel your trip
Trip cancellations- they happen every day. We hope that nothing negative would happen right before you leave on your trip, but some things are inevitable. Often, many of the reasons of why you would need to cancel your trip have nothing to do with how responsible, or proactive, you might be.

Flight cancellations, baggage delays, deaths in the family, and illnesses often come out of nowhere and can be very upsetting. By purchasing trip insurance, you could potentially be saving a vacation from being ruined even further, and then you could simply reschedule for another time.


There may be a natural disaster
By purchasing travel insurance, you are making the responsible decision of preparing for the unpredictable. Forest fires, flooding, and other natural disasters affect not only areas that are frequently traveled, but also areas that surround hot spots, and that may prevent transportation into those regions. This gives tour operators like us no other option but to cancel the specific trip. In case of a serious natural disaster, medical expenses are also covered by travel insurance so that an accident will not affect your credit for years after the trip. Safety is our main concern.


Did you know:  According to the US Travel Association, 17%, or one out of every 6 people who buy travel insurance have file a claim.



Mechanical failures
With the proper coverage, you also can receive a refund for expenses that come up if your tour is interrupted because of a mechanical issue. We have designed the Limo Liner so that in the event of a mechanical emergency we are able to handle any issue while guests continue to enjoy the leather, social seating arrangement and relax while enjoying appetizer and beverage options on board. Even luxury vehicles that have meticulous servicing can have extremely rare and unexpected mechanical failures. By purchasing travel insurance, you can rest easy, knowing that if there happened to be a transportation issue, you would be fully compensated.


Peace of mind is priceless
The point of going on a vacation is to relax and let the stress of your everyday life fade away. According to the US Travel Insurance Association, more than 30% of leisure travelers chose to purchase travel insurance. When asked why, the top three reasons were peace of mind, protection against the unexpected, and concern over losing the financial investment in a trip.

These are concerns shouldn’t be on your mind while you are coasting down the Colorado River on a sunset jet-boat ride, or wandering the hidden caverns of Lake Shasta.


We mediate any complications we can by issuing routine mechanical servicing, being proactive year round, and staffing only the most qualified experts who are prepared for any situation. Ensuring a perfect vacation is not always easy, but offering travel insurance is our way of striving for that.

If you are interested in insuring your trip, give us a call at 877-834-4654 and we would be happy to help get you a courtesy quote with a summary of benefits from RoamRight Travel Insurance.